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    1  Rentie family, Creek Freedmen - Norma
    I noticed that on the census card for Morris Rentie, cc#127, Morris' father's last name was left off or not known (only said Rentie). I was doing research not in particular the Renties, but I found an..

    This is a call for Essays for Indian Territory Freedmen and/or African-Native Descendants who would like to contribute and share a family history of their ancestor who was an original Dawes enrollee. ..

    3  Re: VANDERVALL family history ? - Hugh Andrew Vandervall Jr.
    Hello there. I'm aware how old this thread is and as such I know I will not be receiving many replies if at all, but my name is Hugh Andrew Vandervall Jr. I was born in 1994 in Richmond, Virginia and ..

    4  Re: Please Help Me - Regina
    Welcome to AfriGeneas Beverly. Please follow the link that VKN posted and that should get you started. I did see loads of information on ancestry dot com. Marriage records for Tobe, census records and..

    5  Re: Please Help Me - Beverly Jackson Hopwood
    Happy New Year! My grandmothers name was Katie Zaricor, her father’s name was Tobe Zaricor. My grandmother had a son, my dad and named him Zaricor Jackson. All the names in the original post (2006) ..

    6  Re: Please Help Me  - VKN
    See Link..

    Greetings and welcome! What information do you have?..

    8  ZARICOR FAMILY - Beverly Jackson Hopwood
    I want to learn more about the Zaricor name and family...

    9  Re: ADKINS Research - Sarah A. Atkins
    Mitochondrial DNA of a direct female descendant of Charity Adkins has proved that Charity's mother belonged to haplogroup H - the most common female haplogroup in Europe. Charity's mother was mostly E..

    10  Re: Slaughter family of Virginia - D. Shaw
    i recently learned that my second great grandmother on my mother’s side was a slave woman by the name of Lillie Slaughter, this is the first information i’ve been able to find about her and it see..

    11  Please Help Me - Beverly Jackson Hopwood
    My Grandfather’s name was Tobe Zaricor from Obion Tennessee mentioned in the first conversation. Please help me and where did the name Zaricor come from? Stay Blessed!..

    12  Re: [GA] Pike County ~ slave source - Claire Hoffert
    Hi Marie, I am looking for a connection between a family named Samuel and Harriet Curtis and their son, Doctor "Dock" Curtis and their possible slaveowner, Caleb Curtis. I would deeply appre..

    13  Lawsuits in the FCT - Norma
    From my understanding, when a time frame to appeal or apply in a given situation is not done, it is pointless to further a situation. It is a done deal. There are no more rights. Maybe there is a loop..

    14  Enslaved by Avery family of NC  - Elizabeth Avery Thomas
    I've compiled, through family records, a list of people enslaved by the Avery family of Morganton, North Carolina. Where I could, I've put them in family groupings with spouse and children named as we..

    15  Re: Bio on Ada Wiggins Jamar - Elizabeth Avery Thomas
    I know this thread is old, but I have lots of information on the white Wiggins families of western North Carolina. They are part of my extended family. I know for a fact (via dna testing) that he had ..

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